Scars can affect your sex life and more

Because of surgeries, illness, infection or childbirth, scars are a fact of life. And they can shut down circulation and affect the proper function of muscles, organs, glands and especially the pelvic floor, causing pain in places we might never guess were related to scars.

There is very little conversation about scars and painful sex for women after childbirth or men after pelvic surgery. Some have been embarrassed to speak up, even to their doctors husbands, or partners, and continue to suffer in silence. Now there is an alternative to painful sex after childbirth, pelvic surgery or other changes to the pelvic floor.

You may have experienced tight, dry, stinging and burning sensations since the arrival of a new child, injury or surgery. Or maybe some parts of your genitals have gone offline leaving a numb sensation where before there was a pleasurable sensation. Scar tissue remediation encourage fresh blood supply and better lymphatic drainage. Problems with urinary function and even erectile dysfunction can shift with the effective application of scar tissue remediation and basic self-help education.

Scar tissue remediation is an approach for working with both internal and external scars, especially those involving the pelvis. We are as much an emotional body as we are a physical one. And so it is with scars. ​The physical treatment of scars brings much desired healing to these affected areas (visual improvement) by disconnecting adhesions that may have shut down circulation or is preventing effective lymphatic drainage away from otherwise healthy tissue. Muscle function, organs, glands and especially the pelvic floor can be affected, causing pain in places we might never guess were related to scars.

​The emotional treatment of scars brings awareness of the stored trauma and emotions that are connected to the experience of the past. To let go of something we need to create firstly awareness around the existence of it. Setting the intention to see what is there; bodywork directs presence, focus and acceptance to an area of neglect so that the emotional wound can be healed.

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