What is Sexological Bodywork™

"Our greatest human freedom is choosing where to place our attention. If we don’t choose, someone else will.” 

Joseph Kramer, PhD
Founder of Sexological Bodywork

Certified practitioners support individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, and/or work through sexual issues or concerns.


Since most of us have little experience navigating between peak reactions of our nervous system, sexological bodywork assist others in self-regulation by creating awareness of their breathing patterns. Through embodied exercises we support the creation of new neural pathways which, with practice, support our capacity to experience more of our bodies sensations and allow the possibility of feeling pleasure within ourselves outside of our cultural conditioning. That gives us confidence, agency and choice in decision-making with our bodies. 

For many people, the only context for intimate touch and discussion has been within a relationship or partner engagement. This is understandable - and there are other contexts; one of which is education and curiosity. In Sexological Bodywork sessions, practitioners work outside of attraction or dis-attraction i.e. partner engagement is set to one side in the service of learning. As a sexological bodyworker I support people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, characteristics, or expressions.

Sexological Bodywork supporting Psycotherapy?

By Jack Morin

What is Sexological Bodywork?

By Caffyn Jess


Why Sexological Bodywork™ 


There are various reasons for you to get in touch with a Sexological Bodywork professional.

Below are just a few reasons you may be experiencing.

Difficulty achieving orgasm

Fear of intimacy

Pain upon intercourse

Poor body image

Reliance on troublesome fantasies or turn-ons

Decrease sense of connection with partner

Regaining sensation after scars

Feel more pleasure

Reduce or lack of arousal

Vaginal dryness

Inability to sexually satisfy my partner

Inability to sexually satisfy myself

Delay or rapid ejaculation

Talking and communicating about sex, easily

Lack of genital sensation

Boredom in my sex life

Porn addiction

Learning consensual touch

Improving body self image after surgery scars or with weight issues

Fears around sexual contact or activities

Inability to communicate my sexual needs

Erectile difficulty

Healing after sexual abuse

Just curiosity

Reclaiming my libido, erotism and sensuality

Learning what touch I might like and what to ask for

Exploring and broadening my ideas about sexuality