Frequently Asked Questions

How is SexBod different than therapy?

If you decide to try Sexological Bodywork you will be invited to step into your body to find its language through sensations. For any bodywork related to sexuality we first step into embodiment and learn about the influence of our other brains, such as gut brain, heart brain as well as our cognitive.
We work on training the nervous system to restore the natural resilience of your basic biological operating system, supporting you to release the past and navigate stress--and life in general--with greater ease.
While SexBod can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. SexBod is distinct from therapy in that it addresses the physiology underlying psychological or emotional issues rather than working exclusively with a person's psychology/cognition. While emotional and psychological issues or traumatic narrative may arise during our sessions, the primary focus of SexBod is to address the physiological manifestations of these issues and help the body restore its natural resilience.
Sexological Bodywork Practitioners do not diagnose or treat mental or medical health conditions. Our work together with other professionals can compliment and enhance the efficacy of other mental or medical treatments you may be seeking.

How do you help me to feel safe and comfortable?

All sessions take place in a calm, comfortable and private dedicated space for 1.5 hours unless we agree on more time. We will make an agreement together about what we want to achieve in the session and any limits and boundaries necessary. You are always encouraged to experience, notice and communicate whatever is going on in your body at any given time. I will support you to recognise and communicate where your edges are, and how far you choose to explore those edges. You will never be expected to go beyond your edges, yet I can support you and hold space for you in a session if you find yourself there.
In order to protect your safety and wellbeing, I work within the Ethical Code of conduct for Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.

This includes: One-way touch only (from me to client.)
 I am always fully clothed.
 Gloves (non latex) are worn for intimate bodywork.
 We maintain professional boundaries with clients, do not have relationships with them and are clear that need for intimacy is not met through the work we do together.
 I maintain strict client confidentiality.

How do I decide on length of time for my session?

The length of time of each session will start at 1.5 hours and it does not necessarily relate to the depth of what we explore. That is dependent on the depth of presence that we achieve which might take different amounts of time and approaches depending on what's needed to feel safe enough to let go and relax.
We can decide this together once you have experienced what an embodiment session feels like for you, depending on what your unique nervous system requires to deeply relax, and how much ground you want to explore and re map in each session. Body time feels different to clock time as you will experience!

Will I be expected to take my clothes off?

My greatest aim is to support you to be comfortable in your choice with anything and everything you do. I am supporting you to be liberated from other people's expectations, as well as your own, into an acceptance of what is natural and comfortable for you. It's possible to have full embodied transformational experiences fully clothed.
Taking some or all of your clothes off is optional when we are doing bodywork such as: healing body image, intimacy trainning involving the genitals, trauma release bodywork, scar tissue remediation, learning ejaculatory choice, enhancing sensuality, anal or genital massage/healing. The route into nakedness is a step by step process and you will never have to do anything that feels overwhelming and you can change your mind anytime.

Do you design home practice that will support my progress and can I have support in-between sessions?

How long do people generally work with a SexBod Practitioner?

Much can be achieved with a home practice schedule that I will design for you. “In session time” with me is only part of the process. To retrain a nervous system is a gentle integrative process. I find that it is usually most beneficial to schedule sessions once a week to begin, but depending on your budget and how you are responding to and integrating, sessions can be scheduled more or less frequently.

Most people find that the work of SexBod just keeps deepening. You may benefit dramatically from a few sessions, and then find there are more areas that you are eager to work on as you feel so empowered by what is unfolding. Or you may notice subtle but foundational shifts towards greater resilience over a longer period of time.

Results are individualized. If you experienced repetitive childhood trauma, you may require more extended work together than if you had, for example, a healthy upbringing and then experienced a single traumatic incident as an adult.

My intention is that each time we work together, your sense of skill and capacity grows incrementally in a way that you can take with you. I do my best to ensure that you feel empowered to meet your life with ever-increasing competence and ease so that you don't feel dependent on coming in to maintain the results and feel better.

I understand the leap of faith it takes to be committed to growth and to face what might feel overwhelming right now. It's an investment that actually costs less in the long run instead of possibly might spending your money on short term fixes, distractions and cover ups as I did in my life and learned the hard way!

Where do you have your practise?

In a dedicated space in the Colares Sintra area. Address to be confirmed when booking the session. I also offer videoconference sessions for those who cannot travel due to geographical or mobility difficulties.

Can I receive Sexological Bodywork through video conference?

Yes! I would be happy to support you via video conference. I have found distance work to be highly effective for most people. There are some differences when working remotely, most notably that I cannot provide physical contact, but I can always direct you to connect with yourself in a way that produces many of the same effects.
I realize it can take a bit of a mind-shift to imagine doing this kind of work remotely. That said, it can be quite powerful. I have interviewed clients who work with me remotely. They consistently tell me it feels like I am there in the room with them, that they feel safe, and that the work has produced the results they were wanting.
Even without physical proximity, I will help you feel deeply protected, warmly connected, safe and strongly supported. I will be right there with you.

If you are unsure whether remote work is right for you, I invite you for a video conference exploration call.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

I have a cancellation and rescheduling policy up to 48 hours before the consultation without charge, less than 48 hours the client must pay 100% of the session fee. Emergencies are exceptions.

Our terms of Agreement for the Sessions

The modalities offered in the sessions may include some or all of the following items: somatic exercises, breathing, movement, sound, placement of attention and intention, scar tissue remediation, body mapping, genital mapping, anal mapping, erotic touch and / or training aware. of own pleasure. During body work, you may have as much or little clothing that you are comfortable in. The sessions are aligned to the learning objectives defined in the first session and to the rhythm of practice and integration of the person. During the sessions, you will be asked to provide regular verbal feedback on the internal experience. Since memories and emotions can be stored in the body, strong emotions may be evoked during and after sessions. Much of the work is done by the student at home with the recommended exercises during the sessions. She can always contact me if she has questions about homework. Sex education is not psychotherapy or medical treatment. It is the responsibility of the student to declare in the admission sent before the first session all the medical conditions that she knows and update Julia about any changes in her health during the period of the session. Julia remains dressed during the sessions. When there is touch, it will always be from Julia to the student. She will never be romantically or sexually involved with a student. During the sessions, the appropriate hygienic protocols dictated by the ASCB (Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers) are used, including gloves for all internal touches (genital / anal). Any erotic touch will only be given with the consent of the student and for her benefit, education and pleasure. It is the responsibility of the student / guide Julia's touch to ensure that it is always beneficial, educational, and enjoyable for the recipient. When in line with the agreed learning objective for the session and in accordance with the statements above. There may be an internal touch, including anal and / or vaginal digital penetration, understanding that she will be in consent and always with the possibility of changing her mind at any time. Drugs and alcohol are not compatible with somatic sex education. Avoid consuming them before the session. Cancellation policy: up to 48 hours before the consultation without charge, less than 48 hours the student must pay 100% of the session to be canceled. Emergencies are exceptions. All information from the sessions is confidential and will only be shared with the consent of the student if he / she wants to work together with other therapists or doctors.