Watch this great video from Ellen Heed on Scar Tissue Remediation

Scar Tissue Remediation

Have you experienced a Hysterectomy, C-Section, Mastectomy, Episiotomy, Tearing during Childbirth, or Sexual trauma?

Scars from abdominal surgery can create imbalances in the pelvis and spine. They can lead to numbness, lack of feeling or pain at the scar or surrounding areas. Childbirth causes scars in the pelvic floor which can lead to pain during menstruation or sexual intercourse or a decrease in libido.

Scar tissue is an obstacle to healing. It blocks our free movement of joy and pleasure in the body. Scar tissue shortens the original length of the tissue and weakens it. Scar tissue may impact other body parts and the organs, creating dysfunction and pain. Scar tissue remediation changes the configuration of the scar to resemble the original tissue. It brings more openness and flexibility to a scar area and brings stagnant tissue back to health.

Scar tissue can be formed through infection, injury, illness, inflammation, chronic poor posture, endometriosis, radiation therapy, tearing during child birth and surgeries (such as masectomies, c-sections, episiotomies, appendectomies, ectopic pregnancy removal, abortion, cervical tears and biopsies, hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, gall bladder removal, etc).

As a Sexological Body Worker we are trained in scar remediation.  One aspect of this is to get rid of pain experienced in the vaginal area. Another aspect is to reclaim a part of the body that is numb.Through somatic exercises, self care routines, gentle massage, castor-oil packs and fascial release techniques we can attend to your scars.


STR is for whoever have experienced masectomie, circumcision, child birth trauma, episiotomies, perennial tears, UTI’s, hysterectomies, ectopic pregnancies, endometriosis, as well any scar which causes pain and/or numbness. 


The scar tissue remediation techniques can incorporate external and internal massage (which may include internal vaginal or anal massage) depending where in the body is the scar located and the symptoms.

Scar tissue Remediation sessions are done in a series of 3-5 treatments.