My name is Julia Pessis. I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, through my incredible work I meet people in their uniqueness, regardless of sexuality, gender, age, relationship status, physical expression. Supporting them to come home to their body, to discover what has been held in it, reclaiming the self as a sexual being and unfolding layers of cultural conditionings, shame and guilt.

I love working with Scar Tissue Remediation to help people navigate the post-birth process with far less suffering and far more support after birth injuries, gynaecological surgeries such as colposcopies and hysterectomies, endometriosis, gender reassignment surgeries and pelvic pain of all kinds.



"Grata pelo espaço seguro que criaste com a tua presença e conhecimento, onde me senti totalmente acolhida e amada. A partilha despertou sem dúvida para aspectos e partes de mim que não considerava ou negava e guiou-me na sua re-descoberta, no sentido de me conectar mais profundamente com o todo que sou e os seus potenciais. 


Tenho notado que procuro mais o toque do corpo (não necessariamente zonas erógenas) e que no geral está mais activo e vibrante. Ao nível do espírito sinto leveza e clareza."


- Luisa

"Grateful for the safe space you have created with your presence and knowledge, where I felt totally welcomed and loved. The sharing undoubtedly awakened to aspects and parts of me that I did not consider or that I denied, and guided me in its re-discovery, in the sense to connect more deeply with the whole that I am and its potentials.

I have noticed that I am looking for more touch in my body (not necessarily erogenous zones) and that is more active and vibrant. At the level of the spirit I feel lightness and clarity. "

Sexological Bodywork


It is a modality of sex education that has been around since 2003, originally developed by Joseph Kramer.  A safe space in which you can explore your erotic and sexual self, working to dispel shame around one’s body and sexuality. It is a way to teach and facilitate embodiment.  It can be a hands on tool to teach people how to expand their capacity for pleasure and body awareness.



Because to finally have someone listen to us with unconditional positive regard touches something deep, a feeling of complete acceptance. And from that place we can make changes for ourselves, based on what we see and feel and learn about what we need. A space to revitalize, listen to and attend to our own needs and desires; a place of self discovery. 



Through breathwork, movement, body-awareness, boundary-setting, sex education (which can include lessons in genital anatomy), pleasure and sensation mapping, pelvic release work, scar tissue remediation, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching.  erotic massage and other body-based teaching about sex. Uniquely in the professions, we are trained to do genital and anal touch for education, healing and pleasure.