Scar Tissue Remediation

​Scars are made up of collagen fibres and when an injury occurs, fibroblasts produce collagen to repair the injury.  When this happens it repairs the area randomly, a bit like a birds nest, instead of following the grain of the original tissue, so this new collagen is thicker than the original collagen and can stick surfaces together internally.This creates internal scars, known as adhesions.  Adhesions are a little bit like octopus tendrils and can travel through layers of tissues and attach themselves to organs, muscles, tendons and fascia.

Some of the benefits of scar remediation work:

  • trigger point work on the scar can release the adhesions attachments to organs

  • can release pain experienced in other parts of the body, eg back because adhesions have travelled

  • welcome back online those places that have been numbed internally that can affect libido

  • can reduce the experience of painful sex

  • applying castor oil packs allows the healing properties of castor oil to reduce inflammation and start to break down adhesions

  • can reduce keloid scarring and redness

  • the scar can feel different and begin to have some movement